Welcome to beite shoes,15 Years Professional shoes manufacturer! Buy cheap men's, women's, kids' shoes in bulk!
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Why Choose Us

15 years experience in shoemaking design

More than 20 years of experience in shoemaking, such as casual shoes, sport shoes, flat shoes, flyknit shoes. We have a professional design, quality inspection and production team that can guarantee the our products.

Professional development and design team

Professional design, service, production and quality inspection teams. Our team has professional designers, experienced technicians and quality inspection. Can guarantee the quality of the product.


We are a famous Shoe manufacturer and wholesaler, we provide professional footwear customization services. From sample-making, order production to export declaration, letting customers rest assured is our goal.

Intimate after-sales service

The transaction is not the end, but the beginning of our cooperation. After the goods are sold, we will provide quality assurance according to customer demands and provide guarantee for our long-term cooperation.



beite shoes

Founded in 2003, conveniently located in Luoyang (a Chinese ancient capital with profound cultural deposits), with a total investment of more than 40 million yuan, Luoyang Beite Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. mainly deals in injection molded shoes. With a shoe factory and a 3D flyknit factory covering a total area of some 10,000 square meters, equipped with several injection molded shoe machines and more than 500 domestically advanced flyknit machines, we have developed rapidly. We mainly manufacture men's and women's sneakers, casual shoes, fashion shoes, children's & infant shoes, etc. Thousands of patterns and trendy Western elements distinguish our products from......



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